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I’m on the Move!

Good news! Becoming Last now has its own domain. Thanks to Peter Pollock and New Blog Hosting we will now be at www.becominglast.com.

What that means:

  1. Update your links! If you link to Becoming Last, please update your links page to the correct site. Thanks!
  2. Subscribe to the new site! You’ll be the first to know when a new post comes out!
  3. Bigger and Better blog! We’ll be tweaking things quite a bit over the next month, but I hope to make the new Becoming Last as user friendly as possible. I’d love your feedback on anything you’d like to see happen.
  4. BIG ANNOUNCEMENT – If all goes well, look for a gigantic announcement toward the end of May.

I appreciate the few minutes you guys spend reading my thoughts each week. I’m looking forward to even better things to come!


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Hero of the Day

Let’s be honest. Professional sports has its share of problems. For the most part, the athletes are young, rich, and human. That is a lethal mix.

We rarely go a week without reading or hearing of some star’s extramarital affair, dui, or drug charge. However, there is a brighter side to that world. Athletes spend a great deal of time doing charity work. Some may argue for it’s for PR, but my question to those folks is, “what are you doing?”

Well, here’s a story that I think is pretty fantastic. The Toronto Star published an article on Sunday about an NBA player going out of his way to help a complete stranger.

Last week, Lucita Charles, a single mother of a 7-year-old son with cerebral palsy, was murdered. Enter Jamaal Magloire. He heard the story and his heart went out to the boy. Knowing he had the means to help, Jamaal paid for the funeral and is in the process of setting up a trust fund to provide for the boy’s welfare.

Money can never soothe the pain the little boy feels over the loss of his mother, but it must provide some relief to know someone is taking care of you.

It’s great to hear a story like that come out. The guy wasn’t doing it for publicity. He apparently was upset people even found out. You got to give the guy all the credit in the world for taking the necessary steps to help the young boy out.

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15 and Gone – Why?


It’s the only word that can describe a 15 year old’s death.

After months of bullying and harrasment, on Jan. 14, Phoebe Prince chose to end her life.


There are so many questions. Why? What made her feel as if there was no hope? Could it have been prevented?

I don’t know if we’ll ever have all the answers. All we know is that at some point she was pushed to the edge by the constant torment of kids who chose her as the target of their derision.

In 2006, there were 33,000 suicides in the United States. 594,000 others were treated for self-afflicted injuries.

Many of these people may have friends and family who stood steadfastly beside them through thick and thin, but many don’t.

Every suicide can’t be prevented, but I just wonder what statistical change would happen if we as “the church” took to intentionally noticing and loving people who are being pushed to the edge. Too often, our friends consist of people who look and sound an awful lot like us. I admit. That describes me in a lot of ways.

Jesus stood with the downtrodden. He healed the sick. He found himself confronted with a lot of messy situations. But he looked neither left nor right. He refused to overlook, ignore, or forget about them. Instead, he graciously provided for their phsyical and spiritual needs.

Now, we’re no Jesus. But we can love people. The question is: Are we willing to?

Phoebe’s death is a sad, tragic reminder that our world is broken. Please pray for her family as they cope with the loss of their daughter.


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Elton John and Eminem

Kudos to Elton John. Apparently, he’s helping Eminem fight his drug problems.

Jump to the news story by clicking here!

I found this newsworthy for just a couple of reasons. First, famous people aren’t immune from problems. Everyone should know by now that we are all fallible human beings no matter how rich, successful, or happy we seem. We make mistakes. We have problems. It’s o.k. to admit that.

Second, good for Elton John. I’m not personally a fan of the guy, but he doesn’t have to help Eminem out. He’s choosing to. He’s struggled with drugs before and he wants to use those experiences to help another guy out. That’s great. Don’t ever let your own issues or failures make you feel like you can’t help anyone.

Maybe there is someone in your life struggling with something similar. Would you be willing to be a rock in their life? Will you be there at their lowest point? Will you battle with them through their darkest hours?

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Moving, Cold, and Bojangles!

Three of my buddies and I helped a friend move today. Let me tell you…it was COLD!!! So here’s a few thoughts from the move.

  1. I’m a HUGE baby when it comes to cold. Seriously, it was like 24 degrees out and windy. If you think I’m being whiny…you’re right.
  2. It’s still fun. Yeah, it was cold, but it’s just fun helping someone out. There’s something about coming together as a group to help that forms a bond. We had a really good time even if most of it came at my expense…
  3. I’m an easy target. I couldn’t figure out how to fold the ironing board, I almost carried a table out that would have had a glass top shatter when it fell off, and I got the top of the ironing board dirty putting it in the truck. I blame it on the cold; I think my brain was just frozen!
  4. Chris can’t say Bojangles. Alright, so I’m not the only one who got made fun of. Joe (the guy moving) treated us all to Bojangles for helping him. Chris had never been and kept pronouncing it wrong and it cracked us up. The “Bo” is the syllable you stress and Chris kept emphasizing the “jangles”. If you’re from the south, you get why that’s funny. Bojangles is a staple and a must eat at if you ever run across one. Chris has now been fully indoctrinated and loves the place, especially the fries!

I hate to see my buddy Joe move, but he’ll be traveling back and forth from time to time. Thanks to the guys who helped out and big thanks to Jason who stood in the cold truck organizing everything.

Happy New Year!


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Better Than a Fruitcake

I forgot to write about this a few days ago and even though Christmas is gone, I can’t let it pass. I want to give some Becoming Last props (that’s less prestigious than a Dundee on The Office) to my niece. You see, for many people Christmas and all the gift giving can become very stressful. Just type in “christmas stress” in Google and you’ll find studies, helpful advice, and even a Christmas Stress Relief Game.

It seems most people want the holidays to be perfect, but budgets are tight and the mandatory gift giving can make things a bit stressful. Enter my niece Jennifer.  She has one of the most generous hearts I know. She saves and saves year-round to be charitable for things like Operation Christmas Child and Christmas. And hands down, she gives the best gifts.

Not your ideal gift!

Take this year for example. Her sister Kim has gone off to college so they aren’t as close as they used to be. I remember them growing up and they were inseparable. But now, their lives are just different.

And Jennifer really has every right to just buy something lame for everyone. She doesn’t have a ton of money and no one expects her to go all out. But, she’s a giver, she loves to make people happy, and she’s creative.

This year, she searched, dug, and rummaged through my mom’s house to find all the old pictures of her and her sister together. Once she found them all, she put them together in this HUGE collage Kim could hang in her new apartment. It didn’t cost much, but it was priceless judging by Kim’s reaction.

I’m very proud of my niece. She takes the time to think through what people would love. She gives the very best gift she can giver her limited resources. She gave Starbucks to my wife because my wife loves the stuff. She gave something (shows you how observant I am, can’t remember…) to my mom, which she loved, because it was something Jennifer had noticed and bought knowing it would speak love to her grandmother.

So if you have to buy presents for someone’s birthday or you’re already looking toward Christmas 2010, remember…

Be creative. Don’t be afraid to make something. Study the other person. What would they love? What makes them happy?

It doesn’t have to break your bank or cause a mental breakdown to give a great gift. Just some time, some thought, and a tender heart. Thanks Jennifer for that great lesson.

How can you Become Last today?


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Belated Merry Christmas! Sorry, it’s been a week or so. Got a little busy around Christmas and then when I had time…I’ll admit, I played my new video game :-). I have been working behind the scenes though and hope to have some pretty cool stuff coming down the pipe for the new year. So watch out! You may notice the look of the site changing a bit in the coming weeks. Feel free to give your feedback on what you like and don’t like. I’m still new to designing a blog so it takes some work to get it right. More later, but I’ll leave you with 4 things I learned from the Christmas Day “Give donuts away to people” service project.

  1. Listen to your wife! You would think I’ve learned this by now, but no, I’m stubborn. She asked me earlier in the week if I had ordered donuts. I told her not to worry about it. I had talked to the stores and they were open Christmas Day. WRONG! Not sure how that mix up happened, but I went to pick up donuts and the stores I was going to were shut down! Yikes. So, next time, I will listen to my wife!
  2. Serving is just fun. There’s just no way around it. Don’t knock it until you try it. Going out and loving people is just a good time. Before I met the group, I ended up finding fresh Krispy Kreme donuts at a gas station. This older gentleman struck up a conversation with me and I noticed he was getting some coffee. I paid for his coffee and the guy acted like he had won the lottery or hit a game winning shot. He was beaming like he had just gotten his first kiss. It was awesome.
  3. My friends are awesome terrific. There ended up being about 20 of us who took donuts and sausage and ham biscuits to people working on Christmas morning. Honestly, I wasn’t expecting that since it was just a random idea thrown out at the last-minute. You guys are awesome great. Side note: If you’re wondering why I keep crossing out “awesome”, it’s because I use it waaaaaay too much. I even looked on Dictionary.com for a better word choice and I still like “awesome” the best. Someone please help me come up with a new word to use!
  4. My father-in-law has a great heart. He heard we were going to give away donuts and decided he wanted to help. His expertise is cooking. So he wakes up early and spends a couple of hours making sausage and ham biscuits! Seriously??? Awesome. He actually saved me some serious stress because I wasn’t able to get as many donuts as I wanted (see point 1) and his biscuits made up for that. Not to mention, the firefighters were pumped about home-cooked food!

Have a great Tuesday everyone and don’t forget to ask yourself…

How can you Become Last today?

* For anyone wondering why the post is called “Desultory”…the word means random or unconnected. I thought it was a cool word and since this post is kind of random…bam!…”Desultory”.


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