Becoming Last Causes

* Under Construction *

Blood: Water Mission– Delivers clean water, along with hygiene and sanitation training, to people in Africa.

Daily Good –  is an inspiring quote, a related good-news story, and a simple action — delivered to your inbox for free by volunteers every day. Just a ripple a day, simply to spread the good.

Free Rice – Very creative site. Answer vocab questions correctly and they donate rice. Every little bit helps!

Global Giving – User friendly site which makes it easy to donate to a project of your choice. Worth the look for sure.

Kids are Heroes – Inspiring stories featuring kids making a difference.

Kiva – Ever wish you could make a direct contribution to someone’s future? Through Kiva, you can! Check it out.

International Crisis Aid – Helping the least of these.

Land of a 1000 Hills Coffee – Drink Coffee. Do Good.

Samaritan’s Purse – One of the top Christian relief agencies. Known mostly for Operation Christmas Child, they are recognized around the world for excellence in providing relief and sustainability in impoverished or disaster areas.

TOMS Shoes – Buy a pair of shoes and they give a pair of shoes to a child overseas. Blake, the founder, saw a need when he went overseas and started TOMS.

Vitamin Angels – Operation 20/20, Vitamin Angels’ global vitamin A campaign, focuses on eliminating childhood blindness and reducing child mortality caused by vitamin A deficiency worldwide by the year 2020.

World Food Programme – Statistics, news, and ways to help with world hunger.


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