Savior, Lord, or Both?

Reading a book this morning and ran across this quote:

Jesus’ invitation flies in the face of modern evangelism. More often than not, sermons imply that Jesus is a personal Savior to help people get out of trouble and danger. He is pictured as standing anxious and ready to assist all who will simply sign a permission slip for Him to be a Savior. But there is silence about His being a Master to be followed, a Lord to be obeyed.

Any thoughts? Do you think we present the Gospel accurately?



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6 responses to “Savior, Lord, or Both?

  1. As sinners with no hope, He is certainly reaching out as a Savior to rescue the lost sheep who got away, but then comes the process of molding, shaping, and discipling. And even all that is covered by His grace and the Holy Spirit working within us. I don’t think it’s misleading to proclaim Him Savior, but we certainly have to take the next steps otherwise there can’t be any growth. Very thought-provoking. Thanks Matt.

    • You’re right Jason, there certainly is the aspect of discipleship. I just always have a hard time distinguishing between a)people need time to grow and we’ll never be perfect and b)the concept of “you will know them by their fruit”. I feel like we (people in general, not what you were saying) sometimes have this miscellaneous third category of Christians that don’t grow, but I’m not sure if that’s biblical.

  2. Great quote! I know there are churches in both camps, but if you only accept His salvation and don’t start living it out, you still keep living for yourself. As a result, you and the world are both worse off, and we end up with relative truth as everyone thinks they know it without reading the Word. It’s everywhere around us, and in some churches, too. Personally, I keep praying that He will lead me as Lord, and fail regularly. Thank God for grace! 😀

    • Thanks Petri. Awesome name by the way. I thank God for His grace everyday because I sure know I’m not perfect. You’re right though. I think it’s biblical to rely on grace and yet understand that there should be some fruit in your life to demonstrate salvation.

  3. jacobriggs

    Salvation is a package deal, and so is Christ. He is never just Lord or just Savior or just King or just Priest or just Prophet. You can’t have Jesus at all if you don’t serve Him as your master, trust Him with your life, worship Him for who He is, rely on Him to plead for you before the Father, or trust the Word He’s given.

    Grace and peace, brother!

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