Courage in the Face of Cancer

I hope you’ll find this story as inspirational as I did. I ran across it while visiting

I work at a Care Center where most of the people are elderly. About a year and a half ago a 59 year-old lady came to us who had cancer. She had to have her right leg amputated and she didn’t have a family to take care of her after the operation.

This lady was a quiet lady who mostly stayed to herself. But in the afternoons, when she was feeling well, she would go visit the other residents in the home. She would visit a lady who was blind and read to her. She would go into the room of a young girl with severe cerebral palsy and sing to her. In her quiet gentle way, she would go about the Care Center doing good.

She passed away last Wednesday and after her passing, stories are coming forward of her quiet acts of kindness in her own hour of sorrow.

We never know what impact we have upon others. She had every reason to be bitter, to be angry, or to be swallowed up in her own grief.  But she wasn’t. She didn’t have a family and probably felt forgotten, but her small and quiet acts of service made an impact upon the entire Care Center.

Each of us are better people for having known her. We have pledged to be more aware of the service that we can offer to others.

What an amazing outlook on life! She had every reason not to love and serve, yet she did. Small, silent acts of service speak volumes about a person’s character.

Do you share the same attitude? What things tend to paralyze you from serving and loving others?



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3 responses to “Courage in the Face of Cancer

  1. Powerful story and a beautiful reminder. Suffering doesn’t have to take us out. No one can take us out, only we can do that…

    Thanks Matt.

  2. What an inspiring story, I can only imagine the joy she had within.

    I find one of the best ways to get through my hard times is to change the focus to someone else. What a testimony and legacy of this woman. She’s not even here now and yet her works live on…..that’s something to consider when we become so engrossed in our little petty daily inconveniences.

    Thank you,

  3. eternallyhopeful

    What a beautiful story! Thanks for sharing. Very encouraging and thought provoking.
    Roxanne –

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