World Vision: 2 Soccer Balls

World Vision: 2 Soccer Balls.

A short post before my family heads out to the grocery store. The link above sends you directly to the World Vision website. They are one of many organizations that gives you the opportunity to donate directly toward a specific cause. In this case, you can buy soccer balls for kids who normally play with rolled up trash or makeshift banana leaves.

I’m not naive. I know soccer balls won’t solve hunger or thirst, but imagine the smiles on the kids faces. Healthy, happy kids are a vital part of a community. I imagine their parents may even get out there and play with them too.

You may not change the world with the purchase of a couple of soccer balls, but believe me, there will be a child whose life contains a few more smiles than it did before.

Have a great Monday!


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One response to “World Vision: 2 Soccer Balls

  1. Hey Matt,

    Thanks for blogging on the run 🙂 … and highlighting soccer balls that make a difference on the blog. To these kids, it’s the world — so, God’s love is definitely delivered straight into these kids hearts.

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