Time Reveals Our Priorities

This week, time management has been the theme. We all have many ideas about what we want our lives to be like, but sometimes we get swamped. Yesterday, we took a time inventory. Today, we ask ourselves an important question:

Does the way we use our time match what we claim to value?

We’re all familiar with the saying, “Put your money where your mouth is.” Our priorities and values can normally be understood by looking at how we spend our money. I believe the same holds true for how we spend our time.

Think of it this way. I tell my wife I love her. I could text it to her, say it to her, email it to her, and shout it from the rooftops. But what if I went out and spent all my time with other girls? What if I never opened the car door for her, helped clean up the house, or bragged on her to friends? We all show love in different ways, but wouldn’t she begin to question my love if I never showed it. Love is more than words. It means sacrificing your time, priorities and rights on behalf of another.

Take a minute. Brainstorm. What do you value? What are you passionate about? Write it down.

Yesterday, you wrote down how you spent your time. Do the two lists match? If not, why not?

If we say that family is really important to us, but we find we never spend time with our kids, is it true?
If we say God is important and never spend time with Him, is that true?
If we claim to love the poor and needy, but do nothing for them, is it true?

I know work takes up a huge part of our week, but how we spend the rest of our time does say something about us.

What does your time say about you?

Tomorrow, we look at being intentional with our time. Hope to see you back.



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5 responses to “Time Reveals Our Priorities

  1. This is so true and important. Jesus said “where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” We’ve been told most of our lives that ‘time is money’ and we can obviously understand the value of our time. Where and what we spend our time on, that’s where our heart is.

    Honestly, in my life, some things line up with what I say and other things don’t. I am working on it though, and I’m so thankful for grace and 87th chances. 🙂

  2. eternallyhopeful

    Very good…………. though, where our time spent doesn’t always reflect what is most important but what our life demands. I’m a single mom and reality I have to work fulltime and thus spend alot of time at work. Though, I’m home in the evenings with my son, taking him to sport practice, and most time spent with him on the evening. My choice would be to be a stay at home mom always caring and being there for him at every moment that he is not at school. Reality though is I have to pay bills and can not always. Great post, yet sometimes life demands do not allow us to spend time where it is that we would like. Just another perspective. Roxanne

    • Good point Roxanne. There are definitely exceptions. But even in the busiest of lives there are ways we can intentionally plan to live out our priorities. For example, let’s say you care about the poor. You may not be able to go to a homeless shelter every week, but during grocery trips your family could decide what to get for a food bank. Little stuff like that. I bet your son does appreciate all your hard work for him though. It does show you love him. Thanks for commenting and bringing a different angle.

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