Death in Nigeria

A child in Abuja, Nigeria

My small little world is being expanded these days. In earlier years, world news didn’t matter much to me. It was distant, foreign, and seemed irrelevant. Lately, though, my soul just hurts when I read some of the news reports from other countries. We have had the earthquakes in Haiti and Chili. There are always people dying of hunger and thirst (that alone is crazy and sad). Then, there are news stories like I read today.

According to the article, there were over 200 dead and 32 injured in Nigeria last night. From an earthquake? No. Drought? No. Hunger? No.

It seems these people were killed by a machete-wielding group who set fire to houses and businesses and hacked people to death with the machetes. That’s hard to even process.

Can you imagine waking up at 3am to attackers in your village? Then, for 2.5 hours, seeing people you know and the place you live terrorized? Unimaginable.

You can read the article and form your own opinions as to why this happened. It just befuddles me that events like this happen.

There’s no word on how many kids were hurt or left orphaned by the attacks. Where would the orphans? Do they have anywhere to turn?

It’s time like these that I really esteem those who sacrifice their lives in America to go and help people in need in other countries.

As you get back to work this Monday, take time to pray for these people. Pray for those whose family was killed. Pray for aid to arrive in that town. Pray for safety for those people. Pray that the violence would stop. Pray for those who commit such atrocities, that their hearts would be changed.


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