What Gives?

My mom is getting ready to sell her house. Honestly, that comes with mixed emotions. It’s my home. It’s where I grew up. I tore holes in the front yard playing baseball. It’ll be tough to see it go. But, I’ve slowly come to grips with the idea. After all, it will save my mom money, time, and stress. Plus, she’ll be able to move closer to us (I hope!).

As she prepares to sell the house, the kids (that’s me) are having to sort through all their junk they’ve piled up through the years. I’ve admitted this before, but I tend to be a pack rat. I can find just about any reason to keep something and before you know it, the Mt. Everest of Miscellaneous Things has been created in my room.

Well, today, I went through a few boxes. Among the wreckage were a few trillion pencils, game pieces to who knows what, baseball cards, old magazines, and two random Santa Clause candle holders that I can’t figure out why I would have ever had them.

While I’m doing this, my son is finding all my “junk” rather entertaining. Within seconds, he lasers in on one item in particular: a 1955 Chevy 3100 Cameo or at least the model of it. It’s a pretty sweet looking truck and somewhere along the way this model truck came into my possession. It’s never been open. It’s still in a box – inside of another box – at the bottom of another box.

It was unused, un-thought-of, uncared for, and abandoned. Yet today, it was the treasure in my son’s eyes. He couldn’t wait to get his hands on it. In the last 24 hours, he has loved that truck to pieces…literally. It’s just a model so it’s not made to be played with and he’s a two year old (bad combination!). But it’s value has never been greater. Sure, inside a box, untouched, it probably cost a few dollars, but the excitement it brought to a little boy is worth far more.

All of this got me thinking:

I wonder what other treasures we’ve left buried?

  • Maybe it’s the coat you always swear you are going to wear and it lays neglected in your closet.
  • Maybe it’s the tools you have three or four and your drawers are getting crowded.
  • Maybe it’s margin in your life for relationships. We often get so busy, our friends and family get buried in the chaos of our lives.

Whatever it may be, we all have something buried. It may seem insignificant, small, or cheap to us, but it could lighten up someone’s eyes like a small Chevy truck did for my little guy.

So what is it? What lies unused, unwanted in your life? What can you give away?


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One response to “What Gives?

  1. Good question. I’m in the process of moving in so I’m finding all kinds of things. We need to put them to use in some way. If not, what a waste! Thanks Matt.

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