Loving with Less

In the comments section on Tuesday’s post, I mentioned a blogger friend who had listed 100 ways to love people without spending a penny. Turns out it was only 5o (still a lot!), but I wanted to give you the link to it for those interested.

A couple of my favorites:

16. Turn in those Box Tops for Education – found on Pillsbury items. I’ll be honest. I don’t have a kid in school so I normally throw these away. Not that I don’t care, I just don’t think. But it’s free money for our school system and such a simple thing! I’m going to make a box top jar tonight!

27. Donate gently used magazines to a nursing home. What a neat idea. Never would have thought of that in a million years. Better than going in the trash right?!

51. (a bonus!) Host a game night with your family – eat dessert first! Turn off cell phones (ok – kids, you can leave yours on….) but spend time laughing together playing games! I love this one. Loving others starts in the home. Great way to have fun with your family and give them the quality time that shows them you love them.

Here’s the link: 50 Ways to Make a Difference…

Also check out the cool way Texas Football Coach Mack Brown goes the extra mile to love his wife: Click me!

Got any other ideas? What are ways you love people that aren’t on this list?



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3 responses to “Loving with Less

  1. Matt,

    Thank you for this!! I’m so honored and have been meaning to work up another list. These are ideas to get you thinking and moving in the right direction!!!

    Its a pleasure to tweet w/you!!


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