Elton John and Eminem

Kudos to Elton John. Apparently, he’s helping Eminem fight his drug problems.

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I found this newsworthy for just a couple of reasons. First, famous people aren’t immune from problems. Everyone should know by now that we are all fallible human beings no matter how rich, successful, or happy we seem. We make mistakes. We have problems. It’s o.k. to admit that.

Second, good for Elton John. I’m not personally a fan of the guy, but he doesn’t have to help Eminem out. He’s choosing to. He’s struggled with drugs before and he wants to use those experiences to help another guy out. That’s great. Don’t ever let your own issues or failures make you feel like you can’t help anyone.

Maybe there is someone in your life struggling with something similar. Would you be willing to be a rock in their life? Will you be there at their lowest point? Will you battle with them through their darkest hours?


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