Moving, Cold, and Bojangles!

Three of my buddies and I helped a friend move today. Let me tell you…it was COLD!!! So here’s a few thoughts from the move.

  1. I’m a HUGE baby when it comes to cold. Seriously, it was like 24 degrees out and windy. If you think I’m being whiny…you’re right.
  2. It’s still fun. Yeah, it was cold, but it’s just fun helping someone out. There’s something about coming together as a group to help that forms a bond. We had a really good time even if most of it came at my expense…
  3. I’m an easy target. I couldn’t figure out how to fold the ironing board, I almost carried a table out that would have had a glass top shatter when it fell off, and I got the top of the ironing board dirty putting it in the truck. I blame it on the cold; I think my brain was just frozen!
  4. Chris can’t say Bojangles. Alright, so I’m not the only one who got made fun of. Joe (the guy moving) treated us all to Bojangles for helping him. Chris had never been and kept pronouncing it wrong and it cracked us up. The “Bo” is the syllable you stress and Chris kept emphasizing the “jangles”. If you’re from the south, you get why that’s funny. Bojangles is a staple and a must eat at if you ever run across one. Chris has now been fully indoctrinated and loves the place, especially the fries!

I hate to see my buddy Joe move, but he’ll be traveling back and forth from time to time. Thanks to the guys who helped out and big thanks to Jason who stood in the cold truck organizing everything.

Happy New Year!



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