Belated Merry Christmas! Sorry, it’s been a week or so. Got a little busy around Christmas and then when I had time…I’ll admit, I played my new video game :-). I have been working behind the scenes though and hope to have some pretty cool stuff coming down the pipe for the new year. So watch out! You may notice the look of the site changing a bit in the coming weeks. Feel free to give your feedback on what you like and don’t like. I’m still new to designing a blog so it takes some work to get it right. More later, but I’ll leave you with 4 things I learned from the Christmas Day “Give donuts away to people” service project.

  1. Listen to your wife! You would think I’ve learned this by now, but no, I’m stubborn. She asked me earlier in the week if I had ordered donuts. I told her not to worry about it. I had talked to the stores and they were open Christmas Day. WRONG! Not sure how that mix up happened, but I went to pick up donuts and the stores I was going to were shut down! Yikes. So, next time, I will listen to my wife!
  2. Serving is just fun. There’s just no way around it. Don’t knock it until you try it. Going out and loving people is just a good time. Before I met the group, I ended up finding fresh Krispy Kreme donuts at a gas station. This older gentleman struck up a conversation with me and I noticed he was getting some coffee. I paid for his coffee and the guy acted like he had won the lottery or hit a game winning shot. He was beaming like he had just gotten his first kiss. It was awesome.
  3. My friends are awesome terrific. There ended up being about 20 of us who took donuts and sausage and ham biscuits to people working on Christmas morning. Honestly, I wasn’t expecting that since it was just a random idea thrown out at the last-minute. You guys are awesome great. Side note: If you’re wondering why I keep crossing out “awesome”, it’s because I use it waaaaaay too much. I even looked on for a better word choice and I still like “awesome” the best. Someone please help me come up with a new word to use!
  4. My father-in-law has a great heart. He heard we were going to give away donuts and decided he wanted to help. His expertise is cooking. So he wakes up early and spends a couple of hours making sausage and ham biscuits! Seriously??? Awesome. He actually saved me some serious stress because I wasn’t able to get as many donuts as I wanted (see point 1) and his biscuits made up for that. Not to mention, the firefighters were pumped about home-cooked food!

Have a great Tuesday everyone and don’t forget to ask yourself…

How can you Become Last today?

* For anyone wondering why the post is called “Desultory”…the word means random or unconnected. I thought it was a cool word and since this post is kind of random…bam!…”Desultory”.



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2 responses to “Desultory

  1. Love the post…. especially #1 ha ha 😉

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