Last week, I issued a challenge. The challenge was to take a part of your holiday and serve someone. It could be an hour or less, but the idea was to intentionally put something/someone else before yourself. I had gotten the idea from a book I read which encouraged people to love others on Christmas day.

There’s no other way to put it: I have been blown away by your response. Many of my friends are going to join my family in delivering donuts/breakfast food to policemen, firemen, and any other people working Christmas Day. Many people emailed me and said they would be out of town, but that they would love to help next time. Some gave suggestions of places to go and a couple of people offered to make food. AMAZING!

I love it. Serving others is contagious. I’m looking forward to Christmas like never before. I’m not even worried about what I’m getting because this excites me so much and that’s a refreshing place to be. I’ve spent many years stressed out wondering whether I’d get the exact thing I wanted. No longer.

Seriously. I love your comments, your emails, your tweets, and your willingness to serve this Christmas. If you’re out of town, practice being a servant to your family. There are always other opportunities to serve. In fact, I’m so encouraged by the response I’ve gotten, that it’s my mission to make more opportunities available for people in the area more often.

Have a Merry Christmas!


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