Christmas Challenge

This Christmas, let’s shake things up a bit. Put aside the arguments over “Happy Holidays v. Merry Christmas” for a minute. Think about what we typically do on Christmas. No, I’m not talking about rampant materialism either. That’s been covered plenty.

I’m just realizing that for 28 years I’ve spent Christmas (and many of the days around it) spent holed up with my family or my friends. As Christians, we celebrate the most outward focused event in the entire history of the world (Jesus coming to Earth) by closing our doors to the world around us. Say what?!?

This Christmas, enjoy your family. Have fun with your friends. It’s a beautiful time. But will you take just a few hours to love others? I’m excited to say that my family, for the first time, will be going out Christmas morning to spread some Dunkin’ Donut love to people in our community. We are going to take some to those who have to work on Christmas. Think firemen, policemen, grocery stores, convenience stores, etc.

I am pumped about this. I did not think of it. I’ve just heard it’s been done and I’m tired of everything being about me. Some people aren’t as fortunate to have the time off because they either A) have to work because they are needed or B) have to work because they can’t afford not to.

So here’s the challenge. Pick anything. Make a donut run to some local places where you know people will be working. Invite someone with no family to spend a day or evening with yours. Do you know a family in need? Offer to buy a Christmas meal for them. Sit down. Relax. Think. And get creative.

Let’s turn Christmas upside down. Instead of shutting our doors to the world, let’s love people as God did.

How can you Become Last this Christmas?



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4 responses to “Christmas Challenge

  1. I love it! I’ll be on vacation over Christmas (on a cruise ship actually) so maybe I can do something for all those crew members who have to work on Christmas.

    Be blessed Matt and have a merry Christmas!

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  3. Have a great time on the cruise! Maybe you could do something for the maid who cleans your room each day? Merry Christmas to you!

  4. nancy

    good thoughts in the right direction. thanks.

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