Caring When It’s Inconvenient

The last post was about Madison, a beautiful baby girl who is going through some medical difficulties. It has been encouraging to read the responses people gave and to know that several of you made the effort to share some love with the family on Madison’s CaringBridge page.

Today, Jason, a blogger friend of mine, wrote a response to my post over on his blog Connecting to Impact. I thought about reposting his blog here, but that would do it an injustice. His blog is way cooler to look at than mine so it’s worth the view. Here’s an excerpt – the link follows:

It’s amazing how the Christmas season displays (and sometimes celebrates) rampant selfishness yet points us to ultimate selflessness.  A miracle is seen in a Father giving His Son, a Son surrendering everything for the redemption plan.

I’m too tired. I’m too busy. I’m too important. I’m too strapped… The next time I try to back out of showing God’s love and goodness and try to use one of these or another excuse, I hope I remember Madison, her family, and the Father who wants to do them good.

Please check out the rest of the post here. It is well worth the read. It’s challenging, it’s encouraging, and it exemplifies a Becoming Last mindset. Thanks Jason.


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  1. Wow- thanks Matt. I greatly appreciate the encouragement.

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