Brew Some Good!

I’m not much of a coffee fan. I blame it on my fifth grade Spanish teacher. But we’ll save my emotionally scarring stories for another day 🙂

So, yeah…I may not like coffee, but I know most of you do! Which is why I want to share a very cool way you can combine your coffeenerdness with a dose of charity.

Let me introduce to you Land of a 1000 Hills Coffee. Their motto is “Drink Coffee. Do Good.” Here is their story in their own words:

When Jonathan Golden learned that the 1994 genocide in Rwanda devastated the coffee growing community, he purchased a roaster and a few bags of green coffee beans, and launched a new coffee experience grounded in coffee, community, and justice.

By paying coffee growers in Rwanda a fair, Living Wage and supporting community projects, Land of a Thousand Hills Coffee invests up to $3 per bag into the Rwandan economy. Engaging redemption through coffee, Rwandan farming communities are becoming a vibrant picture of opportunity and sustainability. Today, Rwanda harvests only premium quality arabica bourbon specialty coffee beans, grown at high altitudes in rich volcanic soil.

The Tutsi, Hutu, and Twa farmers are no longer defined by genocide. Instead, they show incredible displays of reconciliation and forgiveness as they work side by side to produce a commodity of hope that continues to break the chains by which they were once bound. Here, across the world, you can bless them just by drinking a cup of Land of a Thousand Hills coffee.

Every bag purchased provides a rural farmer with a proper Living Wage and the dignity and self respect that comes from providing for oneself. In 2004, Land of a Thousand Hills committed to paying at minimum of $1.26 per lb. to the grower for their finest coffee, more than three times the unjust 40 cents often paid by other coffee companies. Currently, the growers are consistently paid an average of $1.86 per lb. Land of a Thousand Hills also invests one dollar per 12 oz. bag sold to fund micro-finance programs that help Rwandans start small businesses.

Drink Coffee. Do Good.

Very cool stuff. Check out their website (it’s changing in the next week or two) and try a bag or two of their coffee. I’ve heard it’s really good and you’ll be helping folks out in the process. All in all, a great way to Become Last.



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8 responses to “Brew Some Good!

  1. Oh, what a blessing to share this company and how they are making such a difference in many peoples’ lives.

    We go to The Soulfest every year…..there are many organizations there, like this one…..who are bringing awareness and raising money. At first I get mentally crippled by hearing about all the devastation, oppression, etc in the world and actually get overwhelmed by it all. But it is only by everyone doing small steps together that we can change lives, even if it is one by one.

    Thanks for spreading the word!

    • Sometimes it is a little overwhelming, but you are right that every bit helps. Sometimes the things we think are the smallest can be huge to someone else.

  2. Sometimes I wish I liked coffee….

    Great article!

    Thanks, Matt

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  4. I’m so thankful to find out about these wonderful projects. Thanks Matt! And thanks for visiting my blog too. I’ll be definitely be coming back around here. 🙂

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