A Secret No Longer

I’ve mentioned before how this blog has begun to change the way I see the world. This past week has highlighted another ugly aspect of our humanity that has been operating in the dark for too long. As you’ll read in this story, there was a five year-old little girl named Shaniya who went missing last week. People from all over North Carolina were alerted to watch out for her.

Unfortunately, Shaniya was not just lost. She had been given over to a horrible and growing problem, human trafficking. Her body was found this week and it turns out they have arrested her mother whom police believe offered her for prostitution. And she’s not alone. According to the article:

Kinnaird said if Shaniya was involved in a sex trafficking plot, she is among other victims in the state. “Many of them are Asian women and children. Many of them are Hispanic women and children. But as we saw to our horror (possibly with Shaniya), they are now homegrown, and may have been all along,” she said. According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, roughly 17,500 people are trafficked in the United States annually. Victims are forced into sex and slave labor.

I’ve just begun to read up on this topic so I know very little about the extent of this kind of stuff worldwide. It’s one of those things that you know goes on, but we just become accustomed to sweeping it into a corner of our mind. It’s like when you clean your room as a kid, you just throw it all under your bed and it won’t bother you there. But this stuff is real and it breaks my heart that little children are sold or taken into slavery or for sex on a daily basis. Can you imagine how scared, lonely, and broken these children must feel?

If you want to read more, I’ve begun looking at this website. I’m sure there are others if you google or bing them. That’s just the first one I came upon.

I hope you’ll take time today to read a little on human trafficking and at the least, say a prayer for the kids who are suffering as we speak.



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10 responses to “A Secret No Longer

  1. My church is very involved with the International Justice Mission (http://www.ijm.org/) …they are an AWESOME organization that does a lot for standing up for human rights.

  2. Stories like this are absolutely heartbreaking. Thank you for bringing it to our attention. It is one of those subjects I hear about, but never really stop to consider.

    I’m glad you posted at the carnival, Matt.

    • You’re right. It’s so easy to let stuff like this fade into the background with all the rest of the news. I can’t imagine anything like that happening to my little boy. I don’t know if I could bear it if I knew he was taken and sold into something similar.

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  4. Not for Sale is another great group working on this problem. They’ve been a good model for working within government and on the grassroots level. Thanks for calling attention to it.

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  6. I find it hard to imagine how scared those poor children must feel… until I try to think of how my own daughter might feel if she was put in that situation.

    It makes me sick to think she could ever feel that way.

    Human trafficking MUST be stopped!

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