The Battle With Trust

Today, I decided to take part in Bridget Chumbley’s “One Word at a Time” blog carnival. The word for this week is “Trust.”

At first glance, I wasn’t quite sure how trust would fit in with the theme of this blog. I guess that’s why taking a second look at things are so important because I’ve come to realize trust is absolutely essential to becoming last.

Trust and I have been wrestling for quite some time. It’s been a pretty good fight. Until last week…when trust delivered a solid shot to my heart. I attended a conference where a man who had been adopted through Compassion was interviewed. His story struck clobbered me.

If you’d like to watch, here it is.

I could think of a million reasons why I didn’t need to sponsor a child. They all have to do with my money, my comfort, and my trust in God’s provision. The fact is my family is not rich. We make it, but the $35 a month would hurt. It would pinch things a bit, but do I trust God to provide for my family so much that I’d be willing to put us on the edge a little?

I wrestle with that. I know God doesn’t call me to take part in every organization in the world and save everyone from poverty, disease, etc. But I wonder if I, and most other Christians, have one of two problems:

  1. A Listening Problem – We’re not open to steps God wants us to take in serving others.
  2. A Trusting Problem – Will God take care of my needs, my family, and my stuff if I give all that I am to others?

That second question haunts me. We are part of God’s plan. Think of the abundance He has blessed us with. Are we willing to trust God completely or do we hedge our bets and offer up a few prayers on the world’s behalf? I’ve said this before, but sometimes I’ve wondered if, as I pray for people, does God look down and respond, “That’s why you’re there! That’s why you have the resources you have. Go. Be my hands and feet. Tell others about me through the way you love.”

Will we trust? Is our God big enough to place our lives, security, and possessions in his hands? Are we willing to lay everything down?

How can you Become Last today?



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10 responses to “The Battle With Trust

  1. That is hard. Only you know if God is calling you to do that. God bless you.

  2. Hey Helen! Yeah, life is full of these decisions. I just wonder if I let common sense guide me more than God’s heart for my life. I suppose I wonder that for the church as a whole too.

  3. Thanks for the challenge Matt!

  4. Matt, we’ve been sponsoring two children for almost 14 years now. It was such a huge stretch for us to start with one, then we decided we should try two.

    What a blessing it has been for my family! Thanks for this post.

  5. Thanks for your honesty in your post… Racing to be last…

  6. I trust that if I am last, esteeming others better than myself (Phillipians 2:3), that I am in the right place for God to fully care for me. I believe it takes a huge amount of trust to fully live out being last.

  7. I have been wrestling with many of the questions you posed. We are also not rich, but after seeing that clip on a friend’s page, I now sponsor a little girl in Peru. Doesn’t it seem sometimes that we want lightning when the sign post is already in place? I am trying to be less “deep” and just do some of the basics. Live a little more simply. Love more than needing to be loved. Understand more than insist on being understood. Feed the hungry. Take care of the widows and orphans. I figure it will take me a while to master all those things 🙂

  8. I saw Francis Chan preach a sermon to his church where he told them he feared that many of them were going to hell. Sounds pretty outrageous, and it was. But within the context of the sermon he had a very good point. Because when we ask God if He will provide for us — let us keep our nice little house and car and this tiny patch of grass we keep our stuff on if we follow Him — God must be looking down on us and saying “ARE YOU KIDDING ME? I’m offering you eternal life in the presence of the Lord Most High and you’re worried about your stuff?!” I live an extremely comfortable life. I often give where I see a need. But am I truly giving sacrificially? Would I lose my security to help lead someone to salvation? That’s a difficult question. Okay, maybe off on a bit of a tangent here, but thanks for the thought provoking post.

  9. Trusting in the financial department was something that I struggle with alot. It comes in waves too.

    My latest “wave” was tithing the TRUE 10%…….yikes! After a very convicting sermon on God’s Sacred portion, I took that leap and did it. Was it easy? Well if you saw my white knuckles clenching that envelop you will know it wasn’t it. Was I blessed almost immediately……yep! I know it is not that you “give to receive” , but God does promise reward when we are faithful. And I think He wanted to show me right away that He was pleased with that act of obedience.

    God is the perfect Accountant……He’ll always find a way to crunch the numbers!

  10. Thanks to everyone for contributing in the discussion! I always love hearing what’s on other people’s hearts.

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