Monday Musings

Today is a kind of a lazy day for my family. My little guy is sick (102 degree temp) so we’ve been taking care of him. With that in mind, here are some random thoughts/happenings from my week.

  1. Becoming Last Recycles (finally!) – I finally set up a recycling bin! It took me a while, but it’s in my kitchen. But then I realized you are supposed to separate paper, plastic, glass, etc. So, right now I’ve got an aluminum can recycling bin for my soda addiction.
  2. Bad People Infuriate Me – So my son is sick and my wife wants to look up info about how high a temp can go before you should worry. She clicks a link and some virus tries to get into our computer. Beyond annoying. I know I should love those people too, but sometimes loving people means they need a good kick in the shins.
  3. I’ve Got the Power! – No, it’s not some cheesy catchphrase I’m using now. I’m back to school and my classroom has like 3 outlets for 100 students who all have laptops. The math doesn’t work. Instead of trying to hog an outlet, I’m going to carry around a power strip to give everyone more access. But don’t think I’m a nice guy. It’s taken me 2 or 3 semesters of fighting for my right to an outlet to realize I could actually be helpful.
  4. Politics Schmolitics – I’m becoming very disenchanted with the whole political process. It’s hard to find many good guys (and gals) out there. I digress…

Hope your Labor Day weekend was awesome. Don’t forget to remember those who are struggling to find a job.




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4 responses to “Monday Musings

  1. Dana

    well, here is good news…you don’t have to sort your recycling in morrisville. 🙂

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