Pack Rat Rehab

I admit it. I am a pack rat. I don’t know how to let things go. I keep almost everything. You just never when you might need it, right?

A couple of years back, my wife made me go through like 50 shirts I hardly ever wear and I begrudgingly gave up about five. I can really find any excuse to keep something. “I might need it one day. I could still wear that. That has too many memories to throw away.” The list could go on. I’ve just never been good at getting rid of anything.

But I think I’m starting to come around…

I’m beginning to realize how MUCH I have. So last week I began my rehab as a pack rat. I’ve begun cleaning out the closet and I’m going to work my way through the house until we’re a lean, clean, efficient machine. Here’s a few good reasons you may want to go to pack rat rehab like me…

  1. Organization is Next to Godliness. O.k. Not quite. But you get the point. I agree with much of what this article says about efficiency. Basically, the more organized you are the better you will function. I’m not the most organized and I don’t think you have to be a neat freak, but, at a minimum, being able to identify where things are is helpful.
  2. Hidden Treasures! I love working through a pile of junk and running across a hidden treasure. Just that simple pleasure makes the time spent cleaning/organizing worth it. A few of the fun trinkets I’ve found…$5 in the pocket of a fleece I hadn’t worn, a book I had been looking for, cd’s, and pictures of the year I met my wife.
  3. Giving it Away! You know this had to eventually get to Becoming Last right? Well, my perspective is completely changing on all my stuff. Before, I kept everything because I’m frugile and hate to get rid of something. However, my heart has really been broken for all the clothes, toys, etc. we have around our house. Especially stuff we don’t use or even remember exists anymore! I really want to begin to be a giver. A lot of times I don’t think I have much to give (and I don’t to a lot of my friends who are better off than I am), but there are plenty of people in this area and around the world whose day would be made by receiving some of the things I neglect.
  4. Recycle, Reuse. This is not a blog on politics so no worries about getting into whether or not global warming is taking place. I’ve just realized two things recently. One, I should recycle. If the stuff can be broken down and made into another product, why not recycle it? It’s way easier to throw it away, but I want to begin to make a better effort at making the most of what I’m given, even as I dispose of it. Second, I love the people who are really thrifty at reusing things in a different way than it was intended. It’s creative, it’s being a good steward, and it saves it from the trash. If you have any ideas, let me know!

Maybe you can join pack rat rehab with me. Take a look around your house this weekend, think about what you use, think of the benefits of cleaning house, and think of the people/kids you could help by donating your stuff or selling it to give the money away. Good luck!

How can you Become Last this weekend?



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8 responses to “Pack Rat Rehab

  1. I came visiting because this guy named Matt came and visited my blog 🙂

    I’m sure glad I did. I really like this post. Your honesty, humor and heart are amazing.

    I love to give stuff away, even more so since we moved to America from England and really had to cull our possessions and only bring what we really need.

    The clutter starts running away with us pretty quickly though!

    Hopefully I’ll get to add to your clutter just a little with a prize in my blog giveaway 😉

  2. Glad you stopped by Peter. Hope to see you around here some more. Had any problems adjusting to American life so far?

  3. Grammy

    Does that include stuff you have stored at the in-laws… I’m sure SOMEONE could use the table in the garage… ha ha

  4. I just have to be reasonably organised not super organised and I like your new approach much better than your old one, storing stuff that never sees the light of day is absolutely pointless so absolutely you need to de-clutter and recycle.

    • Brian – I’m with you. I can’t function if I’m super organized because I find myself constantly organizing, but I think my time, money, and effort is better spent when I do at least put the effort into organizing.

  5. dudethatscrazy

    I signed up for recently. Its members of your community just giving away their clutter or unwanted items. You can post things you “want” too, just to see if someone has forgotten about stuff they may have in their closet. It kind of irritates me though when people ask for “running vehicles” – yeah I have one just laying around that you can have! In the most part its a good service. Best part is you get to choose who you want to give it to.

    • I’ll have to check that out. Yeah, I have lots of running vehicles laying around. Of course, I’m sure there are plenty of people with extra cars they don’t use. We’d probably be surprised! Thanks for the tip though!

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