Streetlight Snafu

Most of you know, I wake up extremely early three mornings a week. I walk over and open a fitness center to earn a few extra bucks for the fam. I actually enjoy the walk. There’s just something nice about walking under a sky full of stars with no one else around. It reminds me of college where you walked everywhere. Much better than having to get into a car and drive somewhere.

However, the last couple of weeks I’ve been having a duel with a particular street light. I mean, the thing just waits for me to walk up. It sees me coming and when I get close, it turns off! It just so happens this is a fairly important light too. It’s the one where I cross the road and it’s the one by all the bushes where some maniac could attack me. Not that I’m really all that worried (although I’m sure to get some comments), I would just like to see the maniacs and I would prefer cars to see me.

But now, everytime…without fail…the light works right up until I get to it. Then, POP! The thing goes off.

Getting to my point…and I do have a point. The streetlight is made for the sole purpose of providing light during the night. It provides security and vision to those who pass by. It works great…right up until it’s needed. And that got me thinking…

How many of us have talents and skills that we aren’t using to their fullest? I think God has gifted us with all sorts of expertise, but I wonder if we are putting them to their best use? It’s like the light who works perfectly, but when it encounters its perfect use (me walking up to it), it turns off.

So where could your talents be put to better use? Who could you help based on what you know and where you excel? Personally, I think there are plenty of times I’m put in situations where I act like the streetlight. For whatever reason, I turn off. Maybe today is a good day to begin making a point to understand where you can begin to give people some light.

How can you Become Last today?



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2 responses to “Streetlight Snafu

  1. dudethatscrazy

    I was just thinking this morning of how I coud be of better use. But you are correct – it seems as though if opportunity arose – would I take it – or shut off?

    • Yeah, and it’s not like I think we shut off on purpose. I just think we get so used to the pattern of life that we can overlook some great opportunities to love people using the things we are good at.

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