Life as a Textbook

Values are better taught through example than through words. Consider one of the first impressions I have of my wife. I had only known her for a week. We were on staff at a camp for the summer and we were walking across a big field going somewhere (I didn’t care where. I was with her!). I know it was right after canteen (snack time) and the kids had left trash all over the place and as we walked she bent down and picked up all sorts of litter. I can’t recall our exact conversation, but it was along the lines of, “Why are you doing that?” and she said, “Why not?”

She may not have meant to teach me anything, but she did. Every time I see trash on the ground I think back to that moment. Now, there is like a gravitational pull beckoning me to pick up trash. Even this morning, I saw a gum wrapper, walked passed it, felt convicted, turned around, and carried it home!

Our lives are this extraordinary textbook for the world to read. What are we teaching?



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2 responses to “Life as a Textbook

  1. That makes me love Cheri all the more! Littering is definitely not “becoming last” while picking up someone else’s litter is the epitome of becoming last.

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