Hitting the Right Note

I know most of us are social media nerds. We love blogs, twitter, facebook, and the like. But let’s face it…

Who doesn’t love a handwritten note? Even guys appreciate the fact someone took the time to write to them.

So take the time today…it could be for a birthday, anniversary, or a just because…just write someone a note. Long, short, deep, funny, serious…do what you do best.

Even you business folks. Put away the emails for a minute and write a customer. I guarantee you if I would be faithful to a company who took the time to write a note themselves, instead of sending me the generic form letter.

Maybe you know someone who lost a job or is going through something tough. Write them. You have no idea the impact it could make on someone.

Who can you write?



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4 responses to “Hitting the Right Note

  1. Dana

    you know, this is true. when russ goes out of town he leaves short notes hidden around the house and carter and i delight in finding them. in sandwiches, in coffee pot, in toothbrush holder, in refrigerator, in shoes, etc.

  2. also there’s nothing like seeing a familiar handwriting to make you smile.

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