Character in Power

President Lincoln once said, “Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man’s character, give him power.”

So what is your character like?

You may not think you have power. You may not be in a powerful position. You think you don’t have much influence. You may not feel powerful.

But we are powerful in a different sense and I think our character is tested by how we use our power. Consider this:

  • I have the power to choose to eat out as often as I do. I could use the money on better things or other people, but I have to be honest about the fact I love eating out. It’s part of my character.
  • You have the power to work less. I know many Americans work 50-60 hours a week. Each situation is different, but do the things we desire hold us enslaved to our jobs?
  • I have 24 hours of power. Each day, I have the choice of doing a lot of things. It’s quite simple. I value the things I spend a lot of time doing. What does your time say about your character?
  • I have the power to sacrifice. Sometimes I need a reality check to realize how blessed I am. What does your sacrifice demonstrate about your character?

Lincoln was right. Power does test our character. We have SO much power. How are we using that power? How should we use it?


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