Kids are Great

Sorry for not posting for a week. Vacation was busy and this week I am speaking to a 190 middle school students!

The kids are great. They are soaking up everything like sponges. I’m finding out I’m not as young as I think I am though. I can’t play ultimate frisbee and pin-dodge for 4 hours and not be sore the next day!

Anyway, I hope the last week treated you well. I’ll leave you with something I’ve really been thinking about.

What part of my life am I unwilling to change to love people more? Is there something I cling to so much I’d be unwilling to sacrifice?



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2 responses to “Kids are Great

  1. dudethatscrazy

    Glad to see you back….

    As to your question – thats a good one. I don’t know?…

  2. Yeah, I’m glad to be back. I went through blogging/twitter withdrawal for a little while!

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