Removing the Plank

It’s difficult to Become Last when your own self-righteousness blinds you. Let me explain…

I was driving to the gas station to put some air in my tires tonight and a guy came roaring up behind me who thought Nascar had been put in charge of the DMV. He was drafting off my bumper for a mile or so until a left turn lane opened up for him to pass me by jerking over and then jerking back in front of me (only to slam on his breaks because of a stop light).

Honestly, I wanted the guy to get pulled over. All the self-righteous, holier than thou anger burned in me. I thought it would only be fair if he got stopped by a cop.

What I didn’t realize was if it were really fair, I’d get pulled over too. ALL THE TIME. When I speed (even a couple miles per hour over), when I don’t come to a complete stop at stop signs, or fail to use a turn signal when changing lanes.

The guy should have been pulled over. Not because I wanted him to, but because he was a danger. I know that in the moment I was less concerned about the danger and more concerned about that guy getting what was coming to him.

I had to realize what Jesus said was true. Before I worry about the speck in the bad driver’s eye, I need to remove the plank in mine. Love is patient. Love is unconditional. As we love others, we are called to love them warts and all.

Who can you love unconditionally?

* I’ll be gone for the next week, but if I can find Internet I’ll work to get a post or two up. *


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  1. Love the new icon you have on twitter! You should incorporate in on this site! I’ll be praying for you while you’re at camp! Have a great week!

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