Your Small is Someone’s Large – Day 32

Thanks again to Vitamin Angels for guest blogging yesterday. Their blog had me thinking all day yesterday. Particularly this part:

It costs Vitamin Angels just 25 cents per child per year to provide vitamin A and antiparasitic medicine to children in need. That means that for $1, you can provide a child under 5 with enough vitamin A for the four most vulnerable years of their life.


So I got to thinking about that and I realized how I take for granted such small things, like a dollar, when it could be used for four years to provide a child with life-saving nutrients!

Which makes my main excuse…”I don’t have enough to help” invalid. We just live in such a different world that our small is HUGE for a child overseas. It translates to my life in this way…

Do I want that cookie so bad or can I give the dollar instead?
Can I drink water instead of my morning soda?
Biggie size? No thanks, I’d like to help a child.

My goal is to make five small (large to a child overseas) changes to give at least another five dollars away each month. I’m very prone to forgetting these things so I need your help reminding me. Or better yet, would you join with me? Even 5 people sacrificing five bags of chips, cookies, drinks, or Starbucks would help 25 kids for four years. That’s such a small sacrifice, but it’s life-saving for those children.

Becoming Last means sweating the small stuff, one dollar at a time. Thanks to Vitamin Angels (click their “help me” button on the right to help for free!) for all you do!

How can you Become Last today?


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