What is Your Passion?

My friend over at Great Smitten posted a blog today where she asked the question, ‘What’s the one thing you’re meant for?’

That got me thinking about another question:

If you were to be freed from your job to where you and your family could work on a cause of your choice, what would it be?

This could be locally, nationally, globally. Take a minute and think. What are passionate for? Literacy, poverty, hunger, sickness, community, teamwork? What would you do if given the chance?



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4 responses to “What is Your Passion?

  1. Dana

    I would move to Ethiopia for several years, help the orphans, and maybe the veterinarians.

    Then I would travel the world with my family.

    And learn to speak fluent Amharic and Spanish, and take piano lessons again.

    And then I would do it all over again…….

  2. dudethatscrazy

    I quit my job in October to stay home with my kids, and to write a book about God’s grace. My husband would like to lead special hunts for hadicapped children. If my husband could quit and we didn’t have children we would join the peace corp or something, but they don’t take children.

  3. Dana – That’s awesome stuff. I think you could probably do both in Ethiopia. And what’s Amharic? Where do they speak that?

    dudethatscrazy – Writing a book. That’s cool. I love to write too. Not quite good enough for a book though. Kids do make it harder to get involved with some causes. Maybe there is something similar ya’ll can do with them one day! How far along are you on your book?

  4. dudethatscrazy

    I don’t think I’m good enough to write a book either, but hopefully someone else does. I just do what I’m told. Although I will have to learn how to go back and edit, I just take out all the good stuff if I do. I’m having an issue writing (because I don’t think I’m good enough.) Doesn’t your expectations go up if you are doing it for God?

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