Vitamin Angels – Day 31

Becoming Last is excited to give you an opportunity to learn more about an awesome organization named Vitamin Angels. Last month, I adopted them as my SocialVibe non-profit on the blog and they were kind of enough to share with us a little bit about what they do. So without further ado, here’s Vitamin Angels:

Thanks to Matt for featuring Vitamin Angels and allowing us to guest blog! We’re excited to be here.

The UN announced last month that one billion people throughout the world suffer from hunger. This number has increased by 100 million since last year due to the global financial crisis. Not only are millions of children suffering each year from not having enough food, these children and many others must suffer from not having the right food. Often referred to as the “hidden hunger,” lack of nutritious foods leaves millions of children without the nutrition they need to survive and thrive in their environments each year.

Last May a report issued by the Micronutrient Initiative reported that approximately 670,000 children under the age of five die due to lack of vitamin A in their diets each year. Vitamin A is essential for proper immune system and bodily function and growth and also plays a large role in eye health and function. According to the World Health Organization, vitamin A deficiency (VAD) is the leading cause of preventable blindness in children and increases the risk of disease and death from severe infections.

The lack of awareness about the effects of micronutrient deficiencies is stunning, but what’s more surprising is how much change can be made with so few resources. Studies have shown that supplying vitamin A to children in high risk areas can reduce child mortality by 23%. It costs Vitamin Angels just 25 cents per child per year to provide vitamin A and antiparasitic medicine to children in need. That means that for $1, you can provide a child under 5 with enough vitamin A for the four most vulnerable years of their life.

Our partnership with SocialVibe has already provided Vitamin Angels with enough funds to provide vitamin A to over 31,000 children across the world. The calculations might be a bit confusing (we’re working with SocialVibe to find a simpler solution), but clicks from the Becoming Last widget alone have already generated 3,952 days of vitamin A treatment (or 10 doses of vitamin A).

SocialVibe makes it easy to make a big impact on children’s lives in just a few clicks and the new campaign we’ve just launched is making it even easier. Check out this link and find out how just by signing up for SocialVibe, you can provide another child with vitamin A for year.

Thanks again to the folks at Vitamin Angels for taking the time to share. You have now donated over 6,500 days of Vitamin A treatment just by visiting Becoming Last and clicking the “Help Now” button on the right!  It’s free and it takes like 30 seconds so don’t forget to give it a click before you leave!



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4 responses to “Vitamin Angels – Day 31

  1. Always happy to help out another SocialVibe member. SocialVibe has many to choose from, you picked a good one.

    Good luck,

  2. Thanks Monk! I appreciate the help. I stopped by yours and did some clicking as well!


  3. Matt,

    The SocialVibe Team thanks you for your dedication to your cause, as well as the extensive research! Keep doing a great job supporting Vitamin Angels and we wish you the best of luck in your cause. If there’s any way we can improve for you, please let us know at

    The Editors

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