10 Random Thoughts – Day 29

1. You should be pumped to know that I’ll be posting a guest blog from Vitamin Angels on Monday! Until then, click away on the widget on the right side. We’re up and over the 6,000 day mark so far which has far exceeded my expectations!
2. I bet the people who searched for “Lebron James comics” twice today were severely disappointed when they clicked on my blog. Sorry folks. Hope you at least enjoyed looking around!
3. Does Becoming Last include helping take out a black widow? This morning, my neighbor asked for help. My “help” was being there in case he got bit. I was not going anywhere near that thing! I kept picturing that bunny from Monty Python and the Holy Grail and I didn’t have a Holy Hand Grenade to throw at it!
4. I’ve got to boast on my son. He voluntarily helped pick up trash today! What a good kid!
5. I once blogged about Becoming Last in conversations. Friday morning I had an awesome conversation with a guy at work. This guy and me had always had really awkward interactions, but by simply making more of an effort to engage him he ended up saying we should play ping pong together sometime. I’m finding people a lot more enjoyable when I put the effort into listening to them.
6. I really appreciate my softball team for giving my family a restaurant gift card for letting me coach. Thanks to everyone!
7. If you read this blog regularly and have never commented, I’d love to hear from you. How are you Becoming Last?
8. I don’t think I’ve ever realized the immense power of social networking, specifically Twitter and Facebook. I’ve been doing a lot of reading on them lately and some of the stuff I’ve learned is astounding. Any organization (church, non-profit, business) who does not use these effectively is missing out big-time.
9. Did I mention you need to read the guest blog from Vitamin Angels on Monday? Don’t miss it!
10. God’s call on our lives is more than for Sunday. It really is to Become Last each day. I settled for such a pathetic version of my faith for way too long. It was one which let me be the center of my world and claim God for the rights to heaven and to feel good about myself. But Christ wants us to be his hands and feet to the world. He wants us to show people tangibly how much He loves them. Otherwise, when we tell people about how great God is they’ll look at our lives, laugh, and say, “no thanks.”

See ya tommorrow. What does Becoming Last look like on Sunday?



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3 responses to “10 Random Thoughts – Day 29

  1. Chris

    #8 made me think of the Bridge’s group page

  2. Dana

    poor little black widow 😦

    other than that, I am reading your blog frequently (I would say religiously but we won’t go there)
    and have really been thinking.

    not acting so much, but that will come…..


  3. Chris – I just sent you a message about that on FB

    Dana – No worries. The black widow is safe. it was just placed away from the apartments in a nature area.

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