Disturbed – Day 27

I think there’s something to be said for becoming a little unsettled. Over the last couple of years, as I wrestled with Scripture over how God calls me to live, I’ve become increasingly distressed. Mainly because I’ve come to realize I can’t live the life I used to live, and still now do for the most part, and give everything I have to Him and others.

Like most everyone, I wake up, go to work, come home, hang with family, and repeat. Throw in sports, game nights, date nights, and church and my schedule gets full really quick. But I just can’t do that anymore. Something has to give.

For example, when I play PlayStation, play cards with friends, go to a party, or whatever I keep thinking about kids hurting overseas. Nameless faces of people in other communities or countries scroll through my mind and I spend most of my time distracted by the desire of wanting to help. But my life isn’t oriented that way. Time is short. So something has to give.

I’m not exactly sure what changes are in store, minor or major. But I want my life to be consistent. I don’t want to love God on Sunday or during bible study times and neglect caring for the people he created the rest of the week. Everyone can’t be missionaries or go overseas to help people. I know that. Not everyone is made for the same job. I just know I have a great unrest. I long to love people. So I’ve got to find them.

No more holing up in my house. I want to take more walks around the community. I want to frequent more places where hurting people may be. I want to meet more people. I want to seek out those who need help. I want to take my family. I want to take my little boy and teach him how God wants us to love people.

I know I want to love and I know my lifestyle prevents me from giving away more. Even little changes will work. I’m sure someone, somewhere could use my dollar more than I could use my large sweet tea I love.

Sorry for the ramble. I’m just really trying to listen to God on how to radically give away what He has given me (love, resources, etc.)

How can your life change so you can Become Last?



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5 responses to “Disturbed – Day 27

  1. dudethatscrazy

    I struggle with the same convictions sometimes. But that sweet tea is soooooo good. My advice is make your own. I promised that if God made my garden grow that I would give whatever we didn’t eat to the needy in town – I have 5 zucchini and 4 squash on my table. The needy doesn’t come to you (especially if you have a mastiff in the yard.) You have to find them…..

  2. That’s a good idea you had there. We don’t have a garden, but we definitely have stuff to give away. Oh, and mastiffs are awesome.

  3. dudethatscrazy

    Mastiffs are awesome when they aren’t eating your fence, digging trenches around your house, and don’t forget the shoe-string slobber. But yeah, he’s awesome.

  4. Our family just had to put one down. He was just a big baby inside. He would try and sit in your lap on the couch! Not exactly an easy task for a 250 pound dog!

  5. dudethatscrazy

    Ours is just a year old. 117 pounds of pure puppy. He’s not any different. Big lap dog – he’s a bull mastiff. I let him in every once in a while, he tried to sit in the recliner with me. There is not enough room. I’m sorry you had to put yours down, they just become one of the family.

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