Politics, Religion, and Becoming Last – Day 26

I will rarely write about politics, but sometimes you just have to write what’s on your mind. Between the struggling economy, the political scandals, and the partisan divide there just isn’t a ton of good news that gets reported. Not to mention, I have friends on both sides of the political aisle so everyone has their opinions.

And that got me thinking about Becoming Last. To completely shortchange (i know they are way more complex) the two dominant political views, you basically have the liberal side (large government, let’s care for everyone) and the conservative side (small government). Essentially, the conservatives don’t want government spending bookoos of money with the theory being that’s what gets our country in debt.

But here’s where Becoming Last kicks in…why do we wait for government to do everything? Whether you are liberal or conservative, you have the capacity to serve, sacrifice, and eliminate the problems we fight about. For us church folk, this is where the talk on Sunday needs to be lived out during the week.

There is enough time, money, and resources in the churches in our country to eliminate the vast majority of poverty. Liberals and conservatives can agree that we have a heavenly mandate to care for the least of these. Government has begun to do that because over time we’ve lost touch with the responsibilities we have to our neighbors (the all-encompassing neighbor, not just next door).

Are there people hungry? Jesus would feed them. Are there people without jobs? We should be doing everything we can to get them on their feet. People need clothes? Let’s clothe them.

Think of all the money the government could use if the church became Jesus’ hands and feet. I know. It’s too dreamy. Too ideal. But it has to start somewhere.

I’m all asking is that we spend less time arguing (Not saying political discussion isn’t good. It’s needed.) and more time coming together as the family of God to meet the needs of the hurting and the broken. I think that’s something we could all rally around.

How have you Become Last today?



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6 responses to “Politics, Religion, and Becoming Last – Day 26

  1. Chris

    I whole-heartedly agree with you. Just as you said, “…if the church was doing it’s job, the government wouldn’t need to”. Now, the easy question, how do we change the churches?

    We can start with our own church and, not to brag, but I think we have a focus on the needs of our neighbors. Personally, my problem is that I get so wrapped up in earthly things that I THINK are important, that I KNOW I overlook many in need on a daily basis. I wish I was different, but I am human and have been raised with inclinations toward getting some kind of satifiaction in this selfish, ego-driven world. Since filling my in inner hunger/void with the Lord, I am able to see more clearly those needs around me, but still miss, or let pass by me, so many opportunities. It’s nuts to think that if the churches of the world returned to being the body of Christ as they should always have been, many of the politcal arguments would no longer exist. This makes me think of the song by Casting Crowns, “If We Are The Body”.
    “But if we are the body
    Why aren’t His arms reaching?
    Why aren’t His hands healing?
    Why aren’t His words teaching?
    And if we are the body
    Why aren’t His feet going?
    Why is His love not showing them there is a way?”

  2. Nice. And on a side note – are you putting pictures in your blog entries? if so, i can’t see them – i just see large white spaces where it seems a picture should be!

  3. Chris – That’s a quality song. And you’re right. It starts with individuals within each church to begin setting a new pace.

    Mike – Yup, there are pictures. Is anyone else having issues with this?

  4. Chris

    No picture, just the white space. On some other posts the picture overlayed the text, but I was able to select & copy the text and paste it into word to read it. I just thought it was my browser or display settings that were causing the problem.

    • Weird…I can’t figure that out for the life of me. The two computers I’ve looked on are normal. Maybe I’ll go pictureless to make it easier.

  5. Chris

    I took a look on Laurie’s computer and the picture was there. It may be the browser, her browser is updated to the current version and I am sitting on 6.0. However, I can see the picture using Firefox on my computer.
    Things that make you go hmmmm?

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