Ice Water and Terry Tate – Day 21

In an earlier post, I mentioned how I intended to buy a case of bottled waters and give them to workers when I saw them outside in the heat. I’ve been to the store several times since then and have forgotten. Whoops.

So yesterday, I’m on the deck doing some reading and a man comes up who is cleaning the outside of the apartments. Just being nice I said, “Hey, how are you?” He barely even blinked. Maybe he didn’t hear me. Maybe he thought I was talking to someone else. Whatever the case, I could feel my righteous indignation burning inside. Doesn’t he know Matthew 4:3 says we have to say hi back to everyone? Ok, so it doesn’t. But it’s like I expect people to be perfect the way I want them to be. So I get a little frustrated because my attempt at befriending the guy gets taken out like those office workers in the old Reebok commercials.

I shake it off, come back inside, and a few minutes later I take the trash out. Again, same guy is out there, except he’s in the front now. And he has a buddy. His buddy acknowledges me (ah, acknowledgment…). I feel a little convicted and think to get them some water. But I hadn’t bought any bottled waters. So i forget about it.

Then, my wife comes out of nowhere and is like, “Why don’t we just fill up some ice water in a cup?” DUUUUUUHHHH! Seriously, I felt like such a goober. I was so intent on serving one way I didn’t even think about being flexible and doing it another way. I’m very proud of my wife for Becoming Last. It’s just simply making yourself open to possibilities to serve and love others. Good job hon.


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