Reflections – Day 20

I’ve always enjoyed hearing others’ stories and learning from them. Yesterday was no different. Thanks to Laura and Mikey for sharing about their time in South Africa. A couple of musings based on their blog:

  • I like cut and dry – Laura mentioned how things weren’t quite as cut and dry as she had wished. I’m with her. Cut and dry makes things more safe and comfortable. I think it’s lame that when we hear statistics of people suffering here and overseas we tend to write them off by saying stuff like, “Now, do we really know that statistic is true? Couldn’t that be a little off?” I’ve said that before and what I’m completely discounting is the fact that whether it be one child dies every 5 minutes or one child dies every 6 minutes is that it’s a travesty. So yeah, I like cut and dry. It makes it easier to not have compassion where in reality our hearts should at least be broken for those who suffer in ways we can not grasp.
  • It’s not about me – I completely relate to that too. I like recognition. Everyone does. And we should rightfully give it. But it shouldn’t be our primary motivation for serving. If it is, we can easily become disenchanted very quickly. People may not recognize our service and our sacrifice so we stop. But if we are doing it because God loves these people, nothing like that should stop us. This can also be applied to serving in a church setting. When we volunteer, it’s not about us. It’s about serving Christ through serving others.
  • I’m a wimp– The Fissels have been getting sick because they have put Becoming Last as a priority. I stop serving when I become tired. They fight through infections and viruses.

Not everyone is called to go overseas. But we all have a calling to Become Last in every facet of our lives. What are we holding back? What keeps us from making sacrifices so others can eat, be clothed, or know God? Thanks to the Fissels for their encouraging blog.

How can our lives be transformed into Becoming Last?


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