It’s Not Fair! – Day 20

“It’s not fair!” I don’ t think I’m going out on too much of a limb here by saying we’ve all thought or verbalized this at some point in our lives. Whether it’s a kid who can’t get a certain toy, an adult who gets looked over for a promotion, or a speeder who thought the cop should have gotten the other guy, we’ve all said, “It’s not fair.”

Well, my latest “it’s not fair” came the other day. I’m in a softball league and my team was two games from the finals. We were excited to have made it that far, but that day our excitement turned to anguish. We just didn’t play well. And as with any losing team, we felt like the umpire played a part in our loss. The balls were too high. They were unhittable. At least that’s what we told ourselves as we thought, “It’s not fair!”

So I left that night a little disturbed. Not because I felt like we had been robbed (we would have lost anyway), but because I get so worked up over balls and strikes in a softball league and yet am barely moved at some of the injustices in our world. Maybe we’re not called to right every wrong by ourselves, but as a professing Christian shouldn’t my heart break for the least of these? Isn’t that all throughout the Scriptures?

We all have those “it’s not fair” moments and I think that’s fine. It shows we have a sense of right and wrong. But I think to a certain degree our hearts have become calloused over the years toward bigger concerns.

And…now I hear my wife emptying the dishwasher which she asked me to do an hour ago…doh! I’m a work in progress!

How can you Become Last?


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