Learning to Listen – Day 15

One thing (I call everything “things”. I need a better word. I’ll work on that!) I have been praying for is to hear God’s voice throughout the day. Not like a Monty Python thing (there’s that word again) where he breaks through the clouds with a big head and talks to me. More like speaking through my conscience. I think He is always trying to communicate, but I have so much going on I don’t listen.

So today, I was off from work and I woke up with a couple of hours to kill. As I’m walking out of the bedroom, I stumble over some clothes. I walk through the den and I trip over some toys. I go into the kitchen and there’s a plethora of things on the counter. Sometimes that wouldn’t bother me. I’m the king of just trudging by stuff. Oh, and my wife hasn’t been feeling great so that’s why it’s messy (she’s the clean one of the house).

Then, I felt a prick on the ol’ conscience. So I ate my pop-tarts, took a shower, and started to clean. Even better, my wife got off early and we cleaned as a family. It was actually a fun time as we rocked out (as much as I can with no rhythm) to a cd and spruced up the place.

Another way I’m learning to Become Last by listening to God’s voice is through taking more responsibility with Ethan. Yes, I work long days sometimes, but that doesn’t give me a free ride to not doing anything at home. So this morning my wife asks me to change his diaper. For some reason, my first response is always hesitant. I don’t jump at the chance. It’s like I think she has an alterior motive or something. But I quickly swallowed that and stepped up to help.

But like two hours later…she asked again! I mean, really. Twice in 3 hours? At least, inside of me that sort of selfish voice spoke. But then, almost immediately, I was prompted to be more of a servant (granted, that’s not being much of a servant. I should jump to help out, but when you get used to a certain way of doing things…my wife changing diapers…I just forget to help in those small ways.)

I know. You must think I’m a horrible husband! I’m just trying to be honest as I approach Becoming Last in every aspect of my life. It’s just easier sometimes to let others do things and you begin to take them for granted. I love my wife and she does a lot. I do a lot too, but I should be fighting her tooth and nail to Become Last in our household.


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  1. I appreciate your honesty Matt and your re-evaluation of every aspect of your life. I am with you… I believe that the Lord calls us to that in every area. I was convicted reading todays as I just got home from the grocery store myself… but thanks for getting me thinking.

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