I Am Second – Day 13

I work better with noise in the background. Complete silence is distracting. There’s got to be some of you out there who agree with me. Well, today at work I revisited an old website favorite: iamsecond.com.

If you’ve never been there, go. Essentially, whoever runs the website has down an amazing job filming people’s stories. Each one is unique and each one is uniquely powerful. It won’t take you long to find someone you relate to on the site. So, go there and listen to these stories. You can even put it on in the background.

Challenge Update: Don’t forget about collecting food this week. Even if you get like 3 cans of vegetables and a jar of peanut butter, that’s fine. The point is not to collect the most, it’s to begin taking baby steps in Becoming Last. If you’re reading this now and don’t have anything go on, walk to your neighbors and collect. And remember, if you aren’t sure where you can take food I’d be glad to help find somewhere!

Have you Become Last today?


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