Becoming Last – Day 11 – Great Afternoon

It’s been a great afternoon. I’ve started a study of 2 Corinthians today and it’s been blowing me away. First off, I’ve found a phrase that has to go into my Top Five favorites. When describing the Apostle Paul, the commentator called his life “permanently redirected.” Is that not awesome? Permanently redirected.

Does that describe our lives as Christians? Have we been permanently redirected? It’s not that our lives are supposed to look better than others or that we’re supposed to be nicer people or do so many church things. That’s not what it’s about. Christ comes into our lives and permanently redirects them. He changes the hard-drive. He rewires us. He gives us a new vision for why we exist. I told you that’s an awesome phrase. Permanently redirected.

The only other part of my study that I’ll share for now is the part on prayer. Paul makes it clear in 2 Corinthians 1:11 that he believes prayer helps. What if this conviction were to take root in my heart? If we really believed prayer changes things, how much more would we be people of prayer? Talk about Becoming Last! How much more of my time could be used petitioning God on behalf of others. I think about my friend’s brother who is having a tough time in his marriage. Where is the burden on my heart to labor in prayer for him and his wife? I think about the woman I heard who lost her partner. Should I not be praying steadfastly for her in her time of grief? What of the many I know who don’t know God’s love or of the people suffering throughout the world. I pray God would give me a much greater burden and desire to be in prayer.

Finally, the last part of my great afternoon deals with our challenge for the week. I had an amazing conversation with my apartment complex manager. She was pumped about the idea of gathering food. She asked me if I could make flyers and put them around the complex. Um, YES! Then, we had a great talk about other ways to serve and love people. Is that not awesome? And to think I almostĀ forgot to go over there this afternoon because I was too busy! You can bet I’ll be making some flyers tonight. I’m excited to see if her passion is contagious throughout our apartments.

Have you Become Last today?


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