Becoming Last – Day 8 – What Stops Us?

Really. Ask yourself that question? I’m beginning to ask myself this question all the time now: What stops me from making an impact, taking a risk, serving with everything I have? And the answer is really simple 99% of the time: me.

Maybe I’m becoming an idealist, a dreamer, but have we forgotten what it’s like to dream? Have we forgotten what it’s like to think large? It’s almost like we’ve developed this system of life that stimulates maintenance. We don’t take too many risks anymore. We’re not willing to put our lives on the line.

Think about it this way: My wife and I just found out we’re pregnant. Before we got pregnant with our first child we told everyone the standard line, “it’s not our time”. Honestly, a perfectly good reason, but when you dig deeper it just means, “I don’t want to have a kid now.” At least, that’s what it meant for me. The reasons could include one or all of the following: don’t have enough money, we’re in school, we don’t have enough time as it, or wewant to be older.

The point is not we should all be having babies. The point is many people could decide to try if they wanted to, but they aren’t ready. They don’t want to have one now and that’s fine.

 But, here’s where it relates back to Becoming Last. We, definitely me, do the same thing with serving God. We’re either so caught up in our lives that we don’t notice the needs of people around us or we create these excuses as to why we can’t. I’m too young so I’ll wait until college. I’m in school. I’ve got a busy job. We have a new baby. Our kids are playing sports so we don’t have a lot of time. We’re in retirement, now it’s our time to have fun.

Do you see my point? Any stage of our life gives us an opportunity to look the other way when God calls for someone to serve. When it comes right down to it, when the intentions of my heart are laid bare, the only thing that keeps me from serving is: Me.

How will you use the weekend to Become Last?


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