Becoming Last – Day 7 – 5:54am – A Great Morning

I’m eating my really manly Trix cereal yesterday morning and I’ve got the computer up and running. My wife comes into the room and says, “Oh, have you already prayed this morning?” I said, “No, that’s on the days I wake up early.” She accepted the response, but she knew and I knew there was no reason I couldn’t do the same thing on other days. Ah, the joys of accountability. I’m honestly just glad we think about it more now. Which leads me to this morning…

For the first time in a long time, I jumped out of bed and was pumped to start the day. Not that I hate starting the day, I’m just not normally pumped (psyched, excited, thrilled…one of those). I was actually looking forward to spending time in prayer. So that was good. And it was just like 8 minutes.

So after that, of course, I check the Internet. I came to the blog and was pumped that you guys and gals have pushed the days of vitamin A treatment to over 300. Good stuff. I did get an email about changing the sponsor to a non-sports theme. Which is funny. When choosing a sponsor, I basically just chose the one I liked. I didn’t even really think about you folks out there. Sorry, Becoming Last is just not a natural thing to do sometimes. I think what I’ll do is just change the sponsor every once in a while to give them all equal time. Thanks to everyone who has clicked though!

However, the two best parts of my morning so far:

  1. One Random Act of Kindness – I posted earlier this week about forgetting to buy water to hand out. Well, thankfully, I’m a caffeine addict. Yes, I know it’s not healthy. I’m a work in progress. But it works out because this morning during prayer I thought about my custodian friend who I see when I get to work. I decided I would bring him a Pepsi. I could tell he appreciated it and it gave us a few minutes to talk. To me, that’s great. I guarantee you that has never crossed my mind before, so it’s encouraging to see God chiseling away at my hard, selfish heart.
  2. Encouragement – Thank you to those who have commented, emailed, or tweeted. I love dialogue. I think it keeps us sharp and I appreciate the encouragement.
  3. I know I said two, but I added a third! I’m pumped it’s only 6:25am here. I’m looking forward to what the day could bring. If you have a chance, take this challenge. Ask God to make you last today. See what happens. I’d love to hear about it.

How can you Become Last this morning?


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One response to “Becoming Last – Day 7 – 5:54am – A Great Morning

  1. It is amazing that now we are purposefully putting others ahead of ourselves how much I realized that we all do live a pretty selfish life. Not to give us a freebie, but it’s like we were never really taught to consider others before ourselves. Only to share OUR toys so that when WE want a toy in return we hope that they share with US. Say thank you when someone gives US something. Say please when YOU want it.
    This way of thinking and this way of life has changed our lives and I am so glad that God kicked our butts into gear and now we are trying to live it out! I am thankful that he prompted you to that sermon and that you were obedient and spoke truth into our lives. I am so excited, like you said, about my day. I do see people in a different light and although we’ve had successes, I realize how much I need to work on. It is very easy to put SELF in front and not worry about anyone or anything else.
    Thanks for cleaning the kitchen 😉 I appreciate it a lot!!!!

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