Becoming Last – Day 6 – 8:17pm – Fighting Fatigue

Realization #5 – Becoming Last is toughest when I’m tired.

It’s been a really good day. My church is helping with Habitat for Humanity this Saturday and I was able to get some more people to volunteer. I got to watch a friend’s son. We had a good time and he didn’t want to leave because I am so awesome Veggie Tales was on :-). I’ve had some really great conversations with people about Becoming Last and the more I Become Last the better my marriage becomes. Funny how that works huh?

However, it’s night now and I’m realizing Becoming Last is toughest when you’re tired. Coming home from my in-laws my wife asked me what was wrong. I wasn’t cheery or excited like I had been the past few days.  I wasn’t responding to her thoughts and needs. I have a tendency to shut down when I’m tired. But you know, that really shouldn’t be a great reason to stop Becoming Last. Christ’s attitude didn’t change based on his level of fatigue. My prayer is that mine would begin to do the same.

Vitamin Angels Update: We’re now up to 216 days! Great job everyone! Keep it up! Click the link on the right and let’s move it all the way up to 1000! Oh, and if you don’t see your results right away, have no fear. I think it takes a few minutes sometimes. It’s a new widget so there may be some kinks.

How can you Become Last tonight?


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