Becoming Last – Day 6 – 10:01am – Join the Conversation

Several people have asked how they can join in the conversation at Becoming Last. Here are a few ways:

  1. Comment on a post– On most blogs, the comment section is just as good of a read as the blog itself. If you’ve got a thought, idea, encouragement, or critique please share it.
  2. Guest blog– If you like to write and have something relevant to contribute I welcome guest bloggers. Share your successes. Share your failures. Share how you’ve Become Last in your life. How is God working in your life? I’d love to hear it.
  3. Email me– For those of you not ready to jump into the public conversation, email me. Maybe you have a link to a good site or story. Maybe you have an experience I could use as an example on the blog. You can email me at
  4. Follow me on Twitter– I’m putting a twitter feed on the site (bear with me as I configure the blog. It will eventually stop once I get it how I like it and how it’s best fit for you). The screen name is becominglast.
  5. Become Last– If you don’t do any of the above, that’s fine. Pick this above anything else. Pray and ask God how you can Become Last. Ask Him to make it your mindset, your heart. Ask Him to make it something that comes natural. Trust me. You will screw up. But that’s ok. Christ died for us because we’re screw ups. He’s not scared off by that. But God is working in you and He wants to live through you. Take the plunge. Become Last.

All this to say. Engage. Interact. I look forward to learning from you. Thanks for taking part in the conversation.

What have you done to Become Last today?



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2 responses to “Becoming Last – Day 6 – 10:01am – Join the Conversation

  1. One of the biggest hinderances for me in “becoming last” is my own excuses. There is always a reason for me not to go and do something for someone. Always. I’m trying to apply a bit of wisdom Nike shared with us in years past – Just Do It. Don’t wait. Don’t listen to the excuses. Just go, and do it. Serve someone today. Be the hands and feet of God. Love the people he loves – and that is everyone.

  2. Ah, the old Nike quote. Thanks for commenting! Yeah, everyone has excuses. I think the more we begin to understand the radical love of God for us, the more we’ll begin to radically love others.

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