Becoming Last – Day 5 – 4:40pm – A New Found Curiosity

Today, I was at the shop getting my car’s oil changed. (Aside: My wife only had to ask me for 2 days. That’s improvement!). During the course of the change, I sat in the office reading and waiting. In walked a man and his three kids. My curiosity peaked. What’s their story? Who are they? How’s life going for them? Wonder if the kids want candy from that machine over there? Would they think I’m weird for asking?

My mind just raced with all these questions, but I sat paralyzed. Here’s my dilemna and something I’ve begun to pray over. As I seek God and have begun this journey of Becoming Last, my interest in people, their needs, and whether they know the God I love, has peaked. I want to run up to everyone, hear their life story, solve all their problems, and introduce them to God.

But there’s a tension there. Obviously, there are boundaries. Every situation is different. I guess my prayer is like Paul’s prayer. I want to given boldness to share the Gospel whenever called upon. I don’t want to shove it down people’s throats. That’s unnecessary and unproductive. But I do want to learn how to begin conversations without appearing crazy. Oh well, maybe I am crazy!

How can you Become Last tonight?


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