Becoming Last – Day 5 – 10:56am

Interesting morning. Over three inches of rain has wreaked havoc on our little town. Roads have been closing, flood warnings were posted, and to the chagrin of many a mom, swim lessons were cancelled. But let me go back to the beginning of the day…

Woke up this morning. Accomplished my goal from last Friday. I spent time in prayer this morning instead of directly hopping on the internet. My prayer was probably one of the more incoherent God has ever heard though. I think it would help if I wrote down a few things/people to pray for to keep me on track so early in the morning. Still checked the internet though. Yes, I’m addicted.

Left for work. Walked in a deluge, downpour, frogstrangler…it rained hard. For a split second, I felt bad for myself. Then reminded myself a lot of folks around the world go through worse than this each day. All the sudden the rain felt better. Who cares if I get a little wet?

Got to work. My janitor buddy wasn’t there. People started calling at 5:30am to see if there 9:00am swim lesson was cancelled because of rain. I answered millions thousands hundreds fifty phone calls or so and had to tell them all to wait and call back. Made me appreciate a lot more the folks who do customer service each day. Some may not be as helpful as I want, but they deal with a lot.

Got home. I have two hours before lunch and then I go to my second job. Found out that WordPress now has a social cause function where activity on your blog can donate money to a charity of your choice (or something along those lines). Unfortunately, my template won’t allow that. So, look for a change in appearance in the next few days. I can’t pass up the opportunity to help, even a little, especially if it’s as easy as they make it seem. My only sacrifice is to change the way my blog (anyone else find it funny that the word blog gets caught in spell check when I’m writing on a blog?) looks. That’s pretty easy. So now I’m off to read more about this new gadget they have so I can get it rolling.

How can you Become Last today?


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One response to “Becoming Last – Day 5 – 10:56am

  1. I failed today. I thought about giving a city worker my umbrella as I was stopped at the traffic light in the torrential downpour. I was too worried the light was going to turn green and people behind me would start honking. I also thought that he may not be able to hold it and work and that he had a rain jacket on. But I could have at least asked! I am glad I thought about it that it was on my radar, but sad that I didn’t follow through. There will be successes and failures I know, but this will be life changing!!! Thanks for challenging me! I love you.

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