Becoming Last – Day 4 – 6:50pm – Little by Little

One of the more revealing discoveries of the past four days has been the amount of little ways to Become Last there are each day. Being a little bit of an idealist, I was expecting to have huge opportunities each day. However, I’ve found a pleasant surprise in the number of times each day God taps me on the shoulder to Become Last in “small” ways. A small list of successes and failures:

  • Noticing shopping carts in a parking lot and not returning them.
  • Wasting time while the apartment needed cleaning, but then realizing it and getting a head start before my wife got home to help.
  • Cleaning up the stuff I use each day so the apartment stays clean.
  • Watching my wife change Ethan’s diaper time after time and thinking about helping, but never doing it. Seriously, I’m a slow learner.
  • Thinking about, but not following through on buying ice cream for the people behind me in line.
  • My wife bought some friends Starbucks. Good job hon.
  • I’ve really enjoyed taking time to listen to people when they need to be heard. It’s very freeing to not have to be somewhere or do something. As I learn to value others more than myself I’ve had some great conversations.

That’s just a list of some of the smaller things. I love the fact my wife is jumping on board. Tonight, when we went for a walk she had me grab a plastic bag for us to pick up trash.

I’m praying God would continue to grant us more opportunities to Become Last, big and small. I love the movie What about Bob? In it, the character is encouraged to take baby steps to overcome his disease. That’s me in a nutshell. Baby step by baby step God is giving me power to overcome the disease of asserting my right to being first.


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