Becoming Last – Day 2 – 12:28pm – John 13 is Killing Me!

Seriously. How do we read the Gospels and not feel like we’ve been cheated as kids when in Sunday School we were taught to just be good kids?

I’m reading John 13 and Jesus drop kicks that notion across the room. Yes, we are supposed to be holy (Although I would debate some of what that entails), but Christianity is much more than that!

Jesus is facing his betrayal, arrest, torture, mocking, and death head on. So what does he do?

Wash people’s feet?!?!

He even washed Judas’ feet. The guy who betrays him. That’s flat out ridiculous (by ridiculous I mean, crazy awesome). Then he calls us to do the same thing with our lives. Wow.

I love it when I’m put in my place. I try to claim all these rights. My right to safety. My right to comfort. My right to my time. My right to sleep. My right to have fun. My right for certain things. And I could go on.

Jesus’ example tells me, “Forget your rights. Remember people need me. Remember your job is to be my ambassador.” That’s a tall task. One I could never do alone. But thank God He promises to give us strength and power to do whatever He calls. That’s what we have to take to the bank.


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