Becoming Last – Day 1 – 7:15am

Realization #1 – Excuses are lame.

Everyone knows all the jokes about excuses. Here’s one to get you started…Excuses are like arm pits, everyone’s got them and they all stink. Seriously though. Excuses are lame. My main excuse for not being able to spend as much time in prayer as I’d like…wait for it…here it comes…lame excuse…”I don’t have enough time”. As if that one isn’t overplayed.

It’s lame for me because I just found 15 minutes this morning that I’ve never used. Three mornings a week, I work way early. My routine consists of showering, checking random internet stuff (Facebook, fantasy sports, weather, scores, news), and walking to work.

I’m still going to shower, but I spend about 15 minutes just killing time each morning. I admit. I’m internet obsessed. I refresh pages constantly hoping they are updated. Then I refresh again. But here’s the rub…

I have a job that lets me on the internet at work!!! If I just waited 30 minutes I could do all the refreshing my internet obsessive heart desires as I welcome people to work out. This is a beauty of a discovery for me. It’s my first chance to give my time to something besides my incessant desire for internet satisfaction.

My goal is to use that time praying each day. Now, think about this over a year. 15 minutes  x 156  days (that’s about how many days I get up that early) = 2,340 minutes. Otherwise known as 39 hours! That’s 39 hours to be praying for people in my life. Thank God He challenged me to this. He’s already bringing some change.

Of course, now is the doing part. Tuesday will be the first test so we’ll see. If I fail, I fail. I’ll try again. But right now I’m excited about the possibility of seeing what God will do in those 15 minutes each morning.


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