Becoming Last – Day 1 – 7:00am

Let me explain myself. I’m a Christian. I love my God. But something has been driving me crazy. I lead too normal of a life. I’m content. I’m happy. I have an awesome wife and a cool kid.

But that’s the problem. As a Christ-follower, as someone who professes to believe in and love the Most High God, my life is…well, bland. Don’t get me wrong. I go to church and all that. I’m even on staff at a church. I moved where I am because I love the people and want to see their relationship with God grow. BUT that’s just a section of my life…

The other part of me is what drives me crazy. My life is not fully given to God. I’m becoming convinced that I, along with the vast majority of Christians, are missing the full call of God on our lives. We get saved, we are assured of heaven, we have families with nice kids, we are good neighbors, we don’t cuss or drink too much, but seriously, is that what God redeemed our lives for? So we could just become a smidge prettier on the outside and look like we’re religious. I’m not convinced.

So this is my experiment. My personal challenge. It’s what I hope my life will be the rest of my life. I’m not sure what the blog will look like so I can’t promise good reading. I’m sure it will take it’s own shape as I progress. But you can count on a heavy dose of failure mixed with some success. You’ll see me wrestle with Scripture as I pray for God to show me how someone can fully follow Christ in the 21st century.


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